Reduce The Risk Using Registered Products Appropriately

Annual Program - This  is a short term residual chemical is used providing total vegetation control for one year..

Contact Program -  This programs include spraying roadsides and other areas where desired grasses grow.

Noxious Weed Program -  Noxious Weeds are everyone's concern. MVM Rail will use its experience and professional applicators to apply the right herbides in a environmentally sound manner to rid your property of any noxious weeds.

BroadLeaf Weed Program - This program includes spraying roadsides and other areas where desired grasses grow and unwanted weeds are eliminated.

Consult with MVM Rail IVM Specialist to help you build a program that will suit your needs.


Herbicide Application

MVM Rail uses herbicides that are registered for use on industrial sites including railroad ballast and ROW areas. We use these herbicides to proper label recommendations and approved tank mixes, to help our clients achieve desired results  on time and on budget.

MVM Rail equipment is well maintained and fully equipped for herbicide application. Application equipment  contains  flow control monitors  to accurately measure herbicide applied. All equipment also contains all safety supplies required including spill containment kits. All trucks are equipped for GPS/GIS mapping of spray area.

All MVM Rail personnel applying herbicides are fully licensed for the type of application and for the province they are applying in. We believe that employees that are competent  in their duties is  a must in ensuring IVM programs are conducted to there utmost potential.

MVM Rail has division managers  operating out of Edmonton AB, Lloydminster AB, Saskatoon SK, and Regina Sk.  Our strategically placed division managers help us to optimize our service to our western Canadian clientele.

MVM Rail is extremely proud of our roots than run deep in  rural Saskatchewan and  Alberta. MVM Rail strongly believes in supporting our local communities by using local suppliers and businesses for services and supplies, along with supporting local community organizations and charities.


Types of Herbicide Programs: