The MVM Rail Advantage

Spending less time controlling vegetation can lead to fuel and labor cost savings, and frees crews to complete other vital maintenance projects.

Benefits of Roadside/Transmission Spraying

Cost effective way of controlling undesirable weed and woody species

Herbicide application provides a more efficient and cost-effective weed/brush control than mechanical removal, which is prohibitively expensive and very labour intensive

· Herbicide application is 40%  (or greater) more cost effective than just mechanical control

Improved Traffic Safety

· Improved visibility at curves
· Safe set backs from tree line
· Reduce risk  of trees falling on transmission lines and roadways
· Minimizing of wildlife deaths

Improved Crew Safety and Smaller Environmental Impact

· A herbicide application takes less time and is longer lasting effect than mechanical control. This leads to less workers exposure to hazardous cutting activities and potential safety hazards
· Herbicide application alone or in a integrated mechanical/herbicide program burns less fuel and leaves a smaller environmental footprint than using only mechanical control
· No biomass to remove or dispose of after treatment

Compliance With Legal Obligations

· Control of  noxious weeds
· Reduce risk of legality from traffic related issues

Custom Hi-Rail spraying gear you can rely on to get the job done safely and effectively
  • MVM Rail has over 8 trucks that are capable roadside application.


  • MVM Rail has a fleet of trucks ranging from one ton trucks up to 5 ton trucks that are capable of carrying up 5000 litres of solution.

  • Spray widths would range from 20 feet to an industry leading 45 feet.

  • MVM Rail offers  100+ Years of combined vegetation Management Experience. No other This experience is the primary tool used to devise a vegetation management plan  that will be both cost effective and environmentally sound.

  • No other vegetation management company in Canada could offer this kind of experience.


Each truck is manned by a experienced operator that is certified and trained to operate this type of equipment.

MVM Rail can use its extensive experience with IVM programs to come up with a roadside program that will best suite your needs.