MVM Rail Offers a fleet of three hydro-seeders from trusted brand such as Finn Corp. and Turf Master. We will work together with your environmental department and industry suppliers to chose the best seed, fertilizer and seed for your areas.

The MVM Rail Advantage

"Every Year in Canada there is an estimated 7.5 billion dollar loss to the agriculture and forestry industries due to Invasive species." —( Federal Invasive Alien Species Partnership Program)


Benefits of Hydro-Seeding:

Hydro-Seeding can be an effective proactive approach to vegetation management. Hydro-Seeding Reduces erosion to slopes, ditches, and hillsides, while reducing impact to the soil from equipment compaction. Hydro-Seeding dirt piles is a cost effective way to prevent weeds from germinating and spreading seeds. Hydro-Seeding is also an effective way of reclaiming land as any seed mix can be added to the mulch slurry, and applied to the soil.

"From the estimated 485 invasive plant species in Canada, weeds in crops cost an estimated 2.2 billion dollars a year in Canada." — Canadian Food Inspection Agency